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Website First Impressions

That all important first impression

According to Psychology Today, it takes a mere 7 seconds to make a first impression. “We tend to get attached to our initial impressions and find it very difficult to change our opinion, even when presented with lots of evidence to the contrary.”

So, what’s your firm’s first impression?

It used to be the Yellow Pages. Now, however, it’s your website. Long before your client even meets you, they have looked at your website.

What’s the difference in the appearance and first impression of a larger, more successful firm and that of one who is much smaller?

It seems, a lot.

Larger firms have websites which have the following characteristics:

  • Branding – the combination of logo, colors and fonts are powerful and visually interesting.
  • Focus – the content is client focused, not me, me, me. Content is professionally written.
  • About us – the team pictures and bios are professional, not shoddy.
  • Unique – you don’t get the opinion the you’ve seen this all before, the entire site is different.
  • Uncrowded – it doesn’t appear that everything and the kitchen sink has been thrown into the site – it’s clear and concise.

“Success leaves clues. Be a better observer of successful companies and copy what makes them successful.”

Let me give you some examples.

Here are some sites, that shows the company is successful, just by looking at their website:

Southern Wealth

You immediately get the impression that, this is unique and unusual. I’ve not seen another site that looks like this.

Click on “Meet the Team.” Great photos, name, corporate title, telephone and email address, along with a link to their bio. So many won’t include email. Why? Afraid of spam? It’s how we communicate today, and just as important as telephone numbers. Click on any of the “> view bio.” Again, unique, to the point and informative.

Check out “Our Approach” on the front page – Choice, Durability and Access. Click on Learn More. Great images, clear and direct content and an interesting presentation.

Crow Holdings Capital

Here’s a clear, straightforward menu – “About, Team, News.”  Great images. No fluff. No unnecessary content.

Click on Team and then Leadership. Professional images. Check out the CIO– distinctive and befitting of the position. Yet clear and interesting.

Tolleson Wealth

Tolleson Wealth Management, again, essentially the same – great graphics, clear and uncluttered menu. Great content and professional Team presentation.

So what’s the point?

The point is that although different, all three of the above examples exude quality and professionalism. Their sites communicate “success” without being pretentious.

Without question, these sites give a great first impression!

Now, what about smaller and less successful firms.

Want to see some? Here’s what you do. Go this is page on SmartAsset and look at “Top Financial Advisors in Your Area”  near the bottom of the page. Pick any city , go down to the bottom of the reviews, and start looking at the websites for the smaller firms. Work your way up to the larger firms. Notice any difference in the advisor websites? Which ones make a great impression? Which ones would you trust managing your assets?

Make a move!

I know investment advisory firms. I’ve been involved with them for over thirty years. I also know web design and development.

Good websites are not inexpensive and they are not offered by one size fits all firms.

The truth is even smaller advisory firms can well afford a quality website and should seriously consider making that all important stellar first impression.

So, how does your site compare?

If you’re interested in really upping your website game and growing your practice, call me now – (817) 523-8188 or contact me.


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